Friday, October 21, 2011

Biggest catch up ever :)

I know, I know ... it has been a year and 4 months since my last blog. I'm LAME! I'm pretty sure I'm not a blogger, but since I already have one, I guess I should update it :) BTW- this is all messed up and out of order with pictures ... but it's better than nothing :)

Nathan finished taking the bar exam July of 2010 and the first thing he did was PLAY with the kids :)

So, here's a quick chronological update:
July 2010- Nathan turns 30!
July 2010- Nathan finishes the bar
August 2010- Nathan's younger brother, Josh, got married in TX to an amazing lady! Our van broke down on our way back ... got stuck in Texas for another week :)
October 2010- Nathan gets bar results back ... HE PASSED!
November 2, 2010- Went into labor with Ronen
November 5, 2010- Ronen Paul Godsey was born!
December 22, 2010- Lili turned 2!
December 2010- Spent the holidays with our families and NO traveling :)
January 2011- Nathan started his first attorney position in Denver as an immigration attorney.
January 4, 2011- Judah turned 4!
May 2011- Became homeowners!!
August 2011- Nathan started his new job at a local practice as a Wills, Estate and Trust attorney. So wonderful to have him 15 minutes away rather than and hour and a half!
September 2011- We added to our family! Nathan's 91-year-old Grandma Eleanor moved in with us. We so enjoy having her. We've had a close relationship with her for years and it's a joy to be able to give back to her for once :)
September 2011- Planted grass in our backyard! Here's to a backyard for our kids next summer :)
October 2011- Updating my blog :0) More to follow ...

Liliana and her cousin Emma playing dress up :)
Movie night!
All of the Hebbert cousins July 2011
The kids love their Aunt Mandy!
Playing in the water every day this summer :)
Sweet Ronen getting a diaper change :)
Ronen and his buddy Evan (Ronen 9 months)
Judah and Jordan Turner
Sibling love <3
August 2011
A visit from the Fa'agutu's! July 2011
Pizza night with the Womacks!
Sweet Ronen :)
Ronen April 2011
Lili and Judah with their cousins- Easter 2011
Ronen and Judah Feb 2011
Christmas 2010
Bubbles! 12/10
Liliana's 2nd birthday :)
Evan's birthday! Ronen 4 weeks
Ronen 5 days old
Ronen 2 days old
Judah holding his brother for the first time
Lili holding Ronen
One of my first snuggles with my baby :)
Meeting Ronen
Estes Park 11/1/2010 (Trying to induce labor)
Halloween 2010
10/28/2010 Walking the Poudre trail
A visit from Calli, Shekinah and Eliana!

The Melting Pot with our favorite friends! The night Nathan got bar results back :)

Daddy & Lili

In TX while our van got fixed

Josh and Mandy's wedding 8/2010

Nathan's 30th

Monday, June 21, 2010

Trusting ...

Wow, words cannot express how I feel from day to day.

We have been so blessed to have my parents open up their home to us while Nathan is studying for the bar. The support and friendship from my parents has meant so much while Nathan has been gone. The kids LOVE Gampa and Gamma's house and the big backyard with lots of fun "kid stuff". My Mom has been such a great example to me in getting things done. There is not another place in the world I would rather be right now ... And then the baby kicks. The anxiety tries to move in. The fear of not knowing ...

Trust. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Everyday I'm looking for jobs for Nathan and I know that God has the perfect job for us. However, I do still lean on my own understanding and it fails me every time. Our baby boy is due in October and Nathan gets bar results back in October and so far there is no job on the table.

We have most of our stuff in boxes, and have settled in our temporary home and God has provided our every need! Still, I am reminding myself daily to trust Him.

I have seen his faithfulness time, and time again in our lives and I'm excited to see what doors he opens up. However, I am still human and I still deal with anxiety, fear and trust.

I'm sure this is common for a lot of us wives of law students. For those who have either gone through this already (and seen God's plan) and those of you about to go through it in the next couple years, and those of us going through it now.

GOD REMAINS FAITHFUL all the time!! Besides, it's only money, right??? ;)

At the end of the day, I see the joy in my kids eyes and I realize that I want the very best for them. And this is how the Lord feels about us as well :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Fun!

We had such a fun Easter weekend!

On Saturday we went to the Law Wives Easter Celebration and had some fun eating food and letting the kids hunt for Easter eggs. This was the first year that Judah really got into it (maybe he did last year, but I didn't get to see!) so it was fun seeing his excitement. I had bought a few outfits for Lili in hopes that she would be walking by this time! Sad to say, she had to be carried cause I didn't want those white pants to get ruined! Lol :)

After eating, we let the boys go out and have a leaf fight. Judah is going to miss Caleb and Little Judah so much! Also, going to miss Mrs. Garner A LOT!!!

On Sunday we went to the Paulser's for an Easter brunch. It was so much fun catching up with them and they super spoiled us! Judah and Lili went on a boat ride with Daddy and Jordan. The kids got an Easter basket from the Paulers that they were VERY excited about :) They love their Uncle Joel and Aunt Rhonda!

When putting Judah to bed, this was his prayer, "Jesus, thank you for my candy and toys. Thank you for Jordan and the boat. Thank you for eggs. Thank you for Daddy, Mommy, Lili and Judah. Amen." It was pretty cute :)